January 11, 2006  


In the quest to begin my project, I went to the standby source for cheap parts... eBay. I paid $5 for a Pentium II, 233MHZ, 32 MB RAM, and a 4GB Hard Drive that ran Windows 98. I decided that Win98 would be fine since MAME was the only application I was going to have running. I pulled an old 14" monitor out of the closet and loaded MAME .63.

I used 'sortinfo' to remove any games I was not going to have controls for (lightgun, spinner, etc). I also deleted non-english games, any with broken sound, broken video, etc. I ended up with about 1,300 games. Some of them were just too slow to play. The processor could not handle them. Later on you will see that I removed more, but this is definately a good start.

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